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- During one of many openings of the anime, among the list of women is supersized and ingesting a cake with among the girls standing on it. YouTube online video of GTS sighting

- The Main People are jumping by apps and sooner or later go with the Just Dance app. Inside it they meet up with a dance teacher named Akiko Glitter who is far bigger than them and her voice echoes a tiny bit when she talks.

- Immediately after his most recent gamma experiment malfunctions, Bruce is shrunk down right up until He's a single inch tall, as two spies try and steal a brand new tank.

- Early within the episode, Sakura captures the large card. Its Bodily variety is always that of a really tall slender blue girl, dressed just like a medieval princess by using a divided hennin. In a while, due to the Make card, a giant dragon seems exterior town, and Sakura has got to use the massive card to expand and match the dragon's top, preserving it from achieving town until it disappears and she or he captures the card.

- Each and every episode of the anime has a unique closing sequence. For this episode, a very small cartoonish Kousaku finds himself on unique areas of the various feminine figures of this display, for example between their boobs or on their own noses. YouTube video clip of complete episode, beginning at GTS scenes

- Nobi and Shizu use certainly one of Doraemon’s devices called the micro flash which happens to be a flashlight that shrinks anything/any individual when lit. The 2 of them shrink to almost microscopic dimension and windup over a dog, then someone’s nose.

- Matthew shrinks himself to undertaking inside of Hacker's body to implant a device that will flip him very good. Close to the close of the episode, Jackie sneaks into his fortress to hug the now-superior Hacker, holding her hand by a gap in his neck so that the small Matt and robotic can drop onto it. She carries them again to regulate Central, where by They're restored to regular.

- SwaySway and Buhdeuce try to eat shrink bread and magically shrink to Full Report your fraction of their sizing. They try this in order to avoid Rambamboo, Main in the Tadpolice, but finish up catching a ride on her leg as she jets off to simply accept an award.  What follows is usually a classic body adventure situation which will involve them climbing up her leg, creating earwax angels in her ear, and battling off head lice on her scalp.

- Peter Pan and the youngsters are looking at Captain Muscles 2 on DVD, with Sienna viewing within the rear in magic formula. But she slips in the tree and lands over the projector, creating Captain Muscles and a potion the villain with the Film throws to come out of your screen. The potion lands on Sienna, sooner or later triggering her to be filled with rage.

- Darkwing Duck is definitely the victim of a shrink ray by the evil Lilliput and he shrinks in dimensions in the middle of a miniature golfing system.

- A retelling of "The massive Cheese" from The purpose-of-check out of inch-tall Imaginary Mate, Peas. There are actually a lot of scenes, for instance when Peas is standing close to Fluffer Nutter's ft about the elevator, when he is searching up Frankie's body even though inside the laundry basket, which she's carrying, or when Peas climbs up Frankie and into her ear, to inform her what to mention. Streaming movie of entire episode.

- Customers of your astronomy club at Ochanomizu Elementary University ride within the rocket with the tour to Rainbow Comet. While all the youngsters are psyched at check out this site The great thing about the comet, the rocket is abruptly magnetized by something- it truly is Atlas's crystal. Atlas plans to kidnap People Children to draw Atom into his companion.

- Close to the stop in the chapter, a giant eye belonging to Irene seems from the sky, together with her proclaiming that Mavis cannot disguise any more. As the Ishgar combatants worry, Mavis declares that she is neither functioning nor hiding as a gigantic illusion of herself appears within the battlefield, urging her comrades to battle for their guild.

- When Pete gets zapped by his Personal computer (due to Max's haywiring), he turns right into a fly. Now he have to find a means to return back to his unique point out (by wanting to get the attention of his wife and daughter) and handle an army of flies who want to acquire revenge on him. Downloadable video of GTS scenes. [Cubed Cinder]

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